Current Jobs

We are not formally hiring at this time, but we are looking for help with Jammer Core.

Jammer Core is the open source backend and frontend that Ludum Dare uses to run events ( The backend is written in PHP, the frontend JavaScript using Preact (React-like). We continue to improve, and support what’s there. In the future that may include moving to TypeScript, or rewriting parts of the backend in Rust.

We’re a small company—basically it’s just Mike. Mike is a developer, but between his other responsibilities, he’s not able to spend enough time coding. We would like to find someone to help with code.

If you want us to know about you, we’re always listening at [email protected]. Let us know your relevant experiences. Include a resume, as well as links to your portfolio or GitHub. Making pull requests with fixes wouldn’t hurt.

Frankly, we would like to hire someone that contributes to the project. We don’t have “big city tech company” money, but if you want to make this a regular thing, we can figure something out.

What happened to the other job listing?

We were asking a lot, and not offering enough. In hindsight we weren’t ready to hire either. While we had some great applicants, the role wasn’t going to work without the perfect candidate, and we didn’t really appreciate that until later.