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Senior Web Developer

I (Mike) need help maintaining, improving, and running the custom software that powers Ludum Dare. My startup company (Interactive Snacks) is hiring a full time developer in Canada to do this.


I wrote most of the code you’ll be working with, and I’m here to help, but I need someone able to take charge.

The job is remote. I expect 30 hours of your time every week. You may arrange those as you see fit, so long as we make time to catch up. You’re free to moonlight in other pursuits, I just ask that you take care to not overwork yourself.

Pay is a salary of $5000 CAD per month, plus benefits. You must be based in and legally able to work in Canada.

Ludum Dare’s code is open source. If you’d like, you can start exploring it here:

The code was written over the last 6 years. We’ll be fixing, updating, and expanding on what’s there. The languages are set in stone (PHP backend, JavaScript frontend), but a move from JavaScript to TypeScript is in the cards. Ludum Dare will continue to be open source, and one of your responsibilities will be to occasionally work with outside contributors.

To apply, send an email to [email protected]. Include a list of your relevant experiences, a resume, and a link to your portfolio or GitHub.

What skills are relevant?

NOTE: things marked “legacy” are systems that will be replaced

Technologies and services we use for Ludum Dare:

Other skills of interest:

Nice to have:

How do I win?

You don’t need every skill or experience requested above, but I will be looking at the number of big things I can move from my plate to yours.

Our source code is public. You’re not required to submit a PR or make any fixes, but the interview will be a conversation about the code. Not a test, but a discussion about what we can do to improve it, how to make onboarding or maintenance easier, etc. By taking this job you’re taking some responsibility for the code, and I want to understand what that means to you.

Dates of interest

Who is Interactive Snacks?

Interactive Snacks Limited is a startup software company founded by Mike Kasprzak in 2020.

Interactive Snacks Limited strives to be as inclusive as the Ludum Dare event itself.

Who is Mike?

Mike Kasprzak (he/him) is a 20+ year game industry veteran and award winning developer that has worked on dozens of commercial games. Mike is also the co-creator and caretaker of the popular Ludum Dare online game jam event.